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Scott Amendola Band featuring Jeff Parker & Nat Su
Band Members  
Jeff Parker: guitar
Nat Su: saxophone
Todd Sickafoose: bass
Scott Amendola: drums


Absolutely remarkable.  There…that’s concise and contained...everything the show was not.  I should just search the thesaurus, seeking alternatives to “perfect” for the remainder of this review.  Just the names of musicians alone are enough to fill the room with high expectations, long before the first note was even played

I know this review is headed for a youth-centered website.  I feel a little restricted in my word choices, yet I've got to at least let out a “….DAMN!”.  If it weren’t for my target audience, this show would probably sent me off on a rant of explicatives that my level of excitement can’t contain

Sickafoose, and his distinct bass lines that hit you in your…your spleen.  Spleen…?   Or whatever is deep…deep inside.  You literally feel the notes.  

Amendola…if the volume knob on his drum set was turned to “off”, it would look as though he was working a solo for rockers Motley Crue ….yet, Scott's beats fall lightly…and preciseHis sticks are feathers.    

Then…Jeff Parker.  Just look up his bio.  Amazing, amazing stuff.  Jazz guitar as it was meant to be!     

Nat Su….I'd not been lucky enough to hear him play prior to this and what a treat.  Robust and vibrant in the right places, subdued where called upon.

What finally brought these guys together?  Why did it take so long?  WHY haven’t they recorded? 

I’m finished writing.  No written review will do this show justice.  I still just want to curse about it!  And jump around!   If you ever get the chance to see these guys together, review it -- in person!